Our Current Plans

The project creates a new, 6,730 sqm building to replace the existing single storey teaching block, whilst retaining the existing sports building. The new building will include a wide range of departments zoned around a central heart space which includes a new main hall, dining area and Learning Resource Centre. The departments include specialist teaching spaces for Art, Technology and Science along with general teaching spaces for Maths, English and the EBacc subjects.


The building and site has been carefully planned to ensure the existing school can remain fully operational throughout construction, and that there is clear separation between the building works and the operational school.


The new school building would be situated close to the site’s eastern boundary, keeping it as far away from homes to avoid impacting on these existing properties. The vast majority of built development is also proposed to take place within established brownfield areas of the site, with further landscaped areas adjacent to the site’s entrance off Dairy Lane. Externally, the new facility will also include informal play areas, external dining, an SEN garden, a horticultural area and seating terrace.


The building’s footprint is located partially on the existing tennis courts to the east of the site. The courts will be re-provided to ensure no loss of sports provision across the site.